Roberto Rodarte

    • Roberto Rodarte
      • Country: México
      • Cargo: CEO
      • Empresa: Gaudena
    COO and Co-Founder
    • Created and developed the Logistics, Customer Service, and Production Areas
    • Implemented the ERP in the Operation
    • Developed a 3PL to manage our logistics operation, inventory Management, pick, pack and ship Process
    • Created our own Production Infrastructure
    • Developed the Customer Service processes and infrastructure

    Supply Chain Consultant
    • Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma. Designed of inventory policies and practices for the reverse logistics. The project had a potential benefit of $24 M MXP.
    • Herdez del Fuerte. Designed and implemented the transportation planning processes. This project generated benefits for $18 M MXP a year
    • Herdez del Fuerte. Designed and Implementated the Sales and Operations Plan (S&OP), aligning the Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and Finances departments.
    • DeAcero. Implementated the Sales and Operations Plan (S&OP), aligning the Sales, Logistics, Operations, and Finances departments.

    Gamesa-Quaker, PEPSICO
    Production and Maintenance Manager
    Plant Manager
    Industrial Engineer Coordinator
    Production Facilitator Coordinator

    Specialties: operations, logistics, e-commerce



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