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Summing up my career, I would say that I have acquired vast knowledge and experience in the digital world, together with a strong service excellence background that grants a more humanized aspect to business than a pure client business relationship. My consistent business knowledge acquired through 10 years of working experience and both my MBAs help me trace the best digital strategies for the corporate world, regarding profit margins, brand strategies, e-commerce policies, product mix, pricing and marketing actions among others.

My bachelor in Hotel Management was held in Australia. I worked for 3 years in the hotel industry. This experience assures me today a thorough knowledge of humanization of interpersonal relationships.

My first experience in the Business Development area started when I entered the Swiss Chamber of Commerce to work assisting in the bilateral trade. My main responsibility was to support companies that wanted to settle in Brazil and/or Switzerland. My job was to search for the right market, business strategies and the way to approach the local market.
My next challenge was to develop the commercial strategies for a company from the SAP group called ICW that was starting to establish operations in Brazil. They have a software that collects medical data from individuals in order to help organize a person’s medical record. This was my first contact to the digital world. The software is based on a SAAS solution that is integrated to different systems in order to collect data automatically.

Currently I am working at Electrolux where I am responsible for developing the corporate B2C sales channel and digital sales strategies. I was the leader of the E-commerce project that Electrolux initiated in the digital direct sales world ( . Presently, I manage all B2C sales initiatives at Electrolux, such as e-commerce, corporate sales, partnership programs, public procurement and others…

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