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More than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, software development and implementation projects, expertise in several roles of the software life cycle. 6+ years working in nearshore development model, vast experience in this working environment using agile methods.

Strong background in systems construction, software development methodologies, quality assurance and team coordination.
Experience in major programming languages, programming paradigms, operating hardware and software.
Responsible for design and execution of the overall, end to end software delivery and support process, ensuring normal operations and achieving committed delivery deadlines.

I had lead and direct teams, helping them transforming and adopting agile methodologies, building high performance teams.
As a technology delivery manager I had helped my teams achieve and surpass the planned objectives. I have a strong technical and analytic profile, with a twist of human behavior and business context awareness, that helps me sail thru the challenges balancing needs and decisions.

Specialties: Team builder, Issue solver, Risk mitigation, Negotiation, Agile methodologies: Scrum, XP, kanban, lean, devops; End to End Software Cycle; Project Lead; PMI; Project Management; Mentoring; Nearshore, Outsourcing
Experience in mission critical applications and IT offshore operations
Vast experience in e-commerce technical operations.

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