Paulina Olmos

Directora de Contenido y Eventos, AMVO

Una obsesión por los empleados de primera línea, con los clientes individuales en todos los niveles de la empresa. Crecimiento como KPI estrella del norte. Amplios intereses de trabajo profundo. Un trabajador de la red, no solo un constructor sino también un puente. Viviendo lleno de amigos, familia y experiencias. Siempre una sonrisa de verdad.

Mr. Fernando also contributes to project management and direction, creating an atmosphere of honesty but also teamwork, with discipline, solving problems with determination, and results-oriented strategic plan. Mr. Fernando has experience generating outstanding talents (recruiting/hiring), budget management, identifying project scope (budgets, goals, and deadlines), building long-term relationships with customers, continuous design improvements & helping C-Levels and clients reviewing and monitoring projects status; address and manage problems and risks. Driven by new challenges and enjoying all aspects of the different projects.

+18 years of international experience, Mr. Fernando has collaborated as a Master Principal Solution Engineer for Mexico and Latin America, managing and deploying large projects, improving sales and customer service processes, defining key indicators, having the great talent to build and lead highly efficient teams, training consulting companies, and multinational customers, and to convey complex concepts in understandable terms. Moreover preparing demonstrations, PoC’s, presentations, and solutions architectures for clients and prospects in B2C, B2B & B2B2C Models. With experience in Madrid, Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, & USA and the biggest industries like telecommunications, retail, insurance, banking, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, education, media & entertainment, steel, automotive, food, housing, government, and services.