Enrique Zambrano

    • Enrique Zambrano
      • Country: México
      • Cargo: CEO
      • Empresa: Bebitos.mx

    For the past 2 years I have involved in building Bebitos.mx, the leading baby product ecommerce company in México. During this time my focus has been in recruiting the best talent, fundraising, digital marketing and user experience. I have a BS in Management Science & Engineering (MS&E) and an MBA from Stanford University. I began my career at Sigma Alimentos, a Consumer Packaging Goods company based in Monterrey, Mexico, where I worked in logistics and marketing. Following that I launched a truck dealership business in Monterrey, Hinux, and as its general manager, led Hinux through its initial growth phase. Grew business from 0 to 4 million in first year of operations and oversaw all areas of the company. I recently worked as a summer associate at McKinsey, a management consulting firm, where I was involved in a banking industry project. At the Climate Corporation I developed their international growth strategy.



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