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Paymentez is the largest monetization platform for micro transactions in Latin America. More than 1 Million of transactions are being processed every month. We are processing the transactions for the more popular games, audio and video content and taxi services. Facebook, Skype, Sulake, Akamon, Ubisoft, Smart Taxi are some of our customers.

Paymentez has taken an active role launching mobile applications and creating a monetization model in the market. Our latest application is a combination of mobile app, integration with bricks and mortar systems, internet of things and electronic payments. Plazez is changing the way people search, order and buy in restaurants, cinemas, stadiums, etc.

Paymentez has launched co-branded prepaid cards with online games, soccer teams and we have more than 100,000 users of BeUnique, the prepaid card for online transactions in Brasil.

We founded Mentez, the biggest publisher of social games in Latin America. Mentez had 20M+ users in Brasil that played and enjoyed our games. 7 of the Top 10 Games were ours, we processed more transactions than any other company in the region and we had the most lucrative monetization platform in the industry.

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